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How to use GoodFactories

Using the Search Bar

1.  Select what you are searching for.  Home defaults to Products, but you can alsolook for Businesses and People. 4.  Choose a predetermined area to search within or create your own location to search.
2.  Type into the main text field the name of a Product or Service you are looking for. 5.  Click here to get your results.
3.  Refine your search results by type of Business you are looking for.    
Search By Industry

1.  Go to the Navigation Menu and select what type of business you are looking for.  Or if you are searching for a Product, you can select By Industry.

2. When the popup appears, select the type of Business or Product you are looking for. An arrow key indicates that further refinement is needed.  Results will be posted when you reach an end category.

3.  You can directly search for Products by Industry on our homepage

Search By Location

  You can use our Search Bar and type in a Location only. This will show you all the results in that area.  If you only want to see Businesses, you will need to click on the Business tab.

2.  If you would like to search using a MAP, select the Browse By Location tab.

3.  Now you must enter a country and province name and click search.  You can also select a specific industry, to find factories that make similar products!

Search By Rating

You can search for suppliers with ratings in many ways, using our Advanced Search, or you can use the Refine Search to narrow down a search you have already started.  Our rating system gives the most accurate results on how a business performs.

*  You can search for businesses that have  have a rating higher than you specify.

*  Search what your Peers have said about businesses.  Find their favorites, and see if you have similar business needs.

*  Our Self Review allows you to search more accurately.  Suppliers list their strengths, so you can easily find ones that fit your business the best.  Do you      need a supplier with great design ability?  Type this into our Advanced Search, and see which suppliers have a 5 star rating for design!

Refine Search Result
 Refining a search is an option after you have already gotten to the results pages, but want to further narrow your search for better results.

1.  Locations can be selected to only include results from within a certain area.

2.  Supplier Type can allow you to only view manufacturers, trading  companies, or other types of businesses.

3.  You can choose to only view suppliers who we have verified ship to the USA.

4.  Price Range can narrow down products to display results that match your target price

5.  Minimum Quantity is helpful in purchasing a smaller amount.

6.  Company Rating allows you to select suppliers based on our users ratings and reviews.

7.  Product Rating allows you to search for products by customer ratings and reviews.

8.  Company Values allows you to select values which you  would like your supplier to embrace.
Visual Sourcing

The ultimate guide for any business traveler, Visual Sourcing allows you to navigate your next trip via a map!  New to business users, this tool helps you determine where factories, hotels, and restaurants are in relation to each other, and read fellow business travelers' reviews.  Don't get stuck in the dingy hotels anymore!
1.  You can select a country, state/province,  and city from the dropdown lists, OR you can navigate by clicking on our map and  zooming into the desired location.

2.  You can choose what types of results  you would like to see on the map by refining your search by Business Type, Industry, and Rating!
Advance Search

1.  You can find the Advanced Search option, next to the Search Button, in the Search Bar. 

2.  Users can use the options to really narrow down a search in many ways.  Find a city, business type, or search results by user ratings!  Scroll through the      options, and only select items which you would like to search within.  Please leave the rest blank. 

3.  Go to the bottom of the page and click the Search Button.

4.  You can still refine results after you have completed your advanced search.

Write A Review

1.  If you would like to write a review about a specific company or product, you must be registered with  

2.  Next, locate the company or product page you wish to comment on, and click the Write Review Icon below

Even the writers, we at goodfactories, encourage you to tell us all about your experiences.  This is evident in our business forums, and now, more importantly, in helping out others in our business ratings!

Take the time to tell us exactly the strengths and weaknesses of a company, and help others find the best businesses for their needs.  Too often on sourcing websites, businesses falsely advertise their abilities and strengths.  Exp…  A  shoe maker may make sports bags, BUT they may not be experts, and miss some basic industry standards that another bag maker automatically builds into its product.

Please help out the global community, and your suppliers, by helping others locate the businesses that deserve to be recognized and help them grow.

Review Writing Tip: The best reviews are personal and based on experience.
They tend to offer helpful suggestions, perhaps even an insider tip or two. The
most useful reviews sometimes make mention of unique qualities that make 
the business special or the type of customer who might also like this business.

Understand User Reviews and Ratings

Goodfactories' Ratings are based on 5 Stars.  The rating system works the same as most worldwide. 1 star is the lowest rating you can give, and 5 stars is awarded for excellence

Our review system is based on 3 levels.

  A.  A Self Review is written by the manufacturer or business who is posting their product or company.  These should be read keeping in mind that a lot of good information can be  obtained from them, but the ratings are sometimes inflated.

B.  Peer Reviews are written by members of our website who are not employed by the business or product that is being reviewed.  These reviews are written by people who have contacted, purchased, and/or viewed the product or company.  These reviews can be very informative, especially if the member is active, and you have visited other companies they reviewed and you agree with their opinion.

C.  Expert Reviews are reviews or evaluations submitted by companies or persons who have been given Expert Status on our website.  These companies have established reputations and evaluation processes to ensure that minimum regulations are met.  Expert persons are a more unorthodox approach, but we feel they offer a better alternative to the larger companies.  These members have shown their ability to accurately judge businesses and write careful and informative reviews for all our members' benefit.  

Adding a Business

Users can add their own business, or if a company allows, they can register that company and manage that account.

If you own a business, you can register 1 business per account.  If you are a Star or Elite Member, you can register up to 10 businesses under 1 account.  

Have you worked with or bought from a business who is not listed?  You can fill out a non registered account for that business, review them and upload for other users to see.  We cannot attempt to register all businesses, so we rely on our users to keep updating non registered accounts.

Non registered accounts can be added via MyPage, and "Add a Supplier" in Hot Categories.  If the business later wants to claim their page and control their content, they can contact us directly, and we will transfer the account to them.

Updating your Profile

A  user profile can be updated only after logging onto

A  user can select the profile he desires to edit from the navigation menu.

To edit personal information, select Personal Overview in the navigation menu. key next to the information you wish to change.  Fill out the updated information, and click Submit.  Your new profile will become visible  immediately

To edit business information, select Business Profile and select the edit key next to the information you wish to change.  Fill out the updated information, and click Submit.  Your new profile will become visible  immediately
Maximize your Profile

You may want to catch more attention to your profile.  There are some very simple ways to do this using goodfactories.

#1.  Write Reviews!  People who read your review can see your profile image, and if they like your profile, they can select your profile to read more of your reviews.  Also, helpful reviews will be posted on our homepage, and will effect your user rating.

So, write and get noticed!

#2.  Look at your profile.  You should make sure your image looks clear.

#3.  Review yourself!  Share your strengths and weaknesses.  Don't be afraid to put into your self review some of  the things in which you are not an expert.  People are not perfect at everything, so showing you have some skill in an area but not advanced in all areas is better than none.  Also, it shows honesty…

Star Members

Members of goodfactories, who have created a positive impact on our site are awarded the Star Logo. These awards are given by our office and most often are based on:

  Having great looking product images on our website
Exhibiting great products at a trade show
Writing reviews and participating actively in our community
Subscribing to our website 

For information on subscribing to our website, please send an email to

Elite Members
Are you not internet savvy, or do you not have enough time to update and manage your account?

Elite Membership allows goodfactories to take care of your account and maximize your exposure.  We will include $100 per month in Targeted Advertising, a GoodFactories exclusive homepage, image processing (up to 25 images per month), Page Monitoring, Advertisement Monitoring and Maximization, Buyer Lookup, Phone Support and Advice, Star Member Logo, Elite Displays in Visual Sourcing, Amerified Verification Processing, and a Factory . Scouting Report!  All this is backed up by our 100% Delighted--Thrilled Guarantee!  If you don't feel the money was worth  the results, we will refund every cent back to you--no questions asked.

For information on subscribing to our website, please send an email to

Goodfactories' experts can be defined as a person or company who has special skills in a particular field.

These experts have shown their ability, either by creating industry standards, or by showing their grasp of a particular industry in the reviews they have written.  

Expert reviews are more highly weighted than our peer reviews, so that users can have a more professional rating system.  Peer users, who have been found to be very useful, will be invited to become experts. Expert companies often will not write reviews on our website, but we will show that the business claims to be  certified or have been approved by a goodfactories' expert, but there will be no rating next to the review.

Please be aware that goodfactories is not responsible for false claims by a business or a reviewer.  We will remove false claims ASAP, and users can notify us of a potential abuse, by clicking the report abuse text, or sending an email to

Amerified Suppliers
These are suppliers who we have researched and brought to you!  They currently are shipping major retail or wholesale customers in the States.  We are putting a lot of time and effort to bring you the top suppliers in Asia.

Suppliers who promote eco-friendly produts, but have not proven any associations with a major environmental organization.

Star Members
Members on our site who have create a posative impact in our community.
Sustainable Furnishings Council
Suppliers who are members of SFC and not only promote eco-friendly products but are also working towards a more renewable and sustainable business.