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Las Vegas Eases Pressure off High Point Market
By: Seth Berman

In an unexpected announcement, the Las Vegas Market is moving their fall show back to early August, giving High Point some breathing room. 

Last summer, it seemed The Las Vegas market was making their power move to become the most-attended furniture fair in the United States.  The Las Vegas market moved their dates back one and a half months, to September 14-17, only five and a half weeks before the High Point market, and during the same time as the High Point pre-market.  We covered this story previously, and you can read it here.

Following this fall’s market, they claimed it was a huge success, with a 12% increase in the number of registered buying units.  Attendance numbers were higher than last fall, and from the sound of after-market announcements, it would make sense for them to keep the show in September, even though many companies were complaining about the close dates of the two shows.

But, as of Dec. 28th, the Las Vegas market has new plans.  They are going to have this summer’s show from Aug. 2-6 and are calling the new shows “mega-markets”, getting the kids' and gift industries to move their show all to the same week.  Home Accents Today reports

This makes a lot of sense to me.  It will keep the exhibitors happy and hopefully continue to draw the major buyers, as it has since it started.  The Las Vegas market is still very popular with large retail buyers because it is easy to get around, hotels are plentiful, and the show is easier to walk.  Yet the High Point market still continues to be the largest furniture fair in the world, and experienced buyers know they will see a lot more of most major companies' product lines in High Point.

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