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Las Vegas Market
495 S. Grand Central Parkway
, Las Vegas , Nevada


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Peer Review(s)
Seth B
42 Reviews
      2008-07-28 00:00:00
Day 1.

There were big lines to get registered today, but by noon, they seemed to quiet down. That, and I waited in the wrong line with my brother. Anyway, the media line was fast!

So, this place is HUGE, a new building was finished this year, building C, and it seems to be a lot more international. I would estimate that 25% of the suppliers in building C are manufacturers from Asia.

Lots of fantastic products and trends to watch, but I'll write about those in my blog.

I'll write another review tomorrow...

Day 2.

It seems like some people are saying that traffic is down, but I'd guess that with the current state of the economy, people might be holding tight with their budgets. Maybe waiting till High Point.

Anyway, if your a looking for space to display your products, this is a great show. There are lots of empty spaces this show, and lots of international suppliers are here.

I would not recommend showing here, unless you are stocking in the USA, but, I'd guess there are some companies who are doing this, anyway, just please save buyers time, by displaying if you do not stock, very clearly.
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