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China Import and Export Fair ( Canton Fair )
Canton Fair Pazhou Complex
, Guangzhou , Guangdong

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Peer Review(s)
Seth B
42 Reviews
      2008-06-10 00:00:00
The oldest show in China, and the biggest.

The show is broken up in 2 phases. #1. Has lots of industrial products, but housewares buyers take note, that this is where all the fabric and suppliers of Home Texties (towels, curtains, bedding, etc) show.

The second phase has lots of decorative accent suppliers. I tried to list all the categories that are done, but it is easier to say what is not show... Furniture... Not many case furniture suppliers are at this show. Everything else, you should be able to find at phase 2.

It would take 4 days to walk the entire show, but, you tend to get the feeling with 2-3 days. After a while, it starts to blend together.

Please note, I believe that the October show may only be at the new complex, and the old show location may not be active. I don't know what this means for the little shows that exist right next door, or across the street, but they have opened up so much new convention center floor space, I'm guessing they are trying to get it all concentrated again.
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