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Goyum Ceramic Co.,Ltd
SG-industrial zone
Shantou, Chaozhou City , Guangdong

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GoYum Ceramic Co.,Ltd ,a manufacturer and exporter of classic and contemporary porcelain dinnerware and serveware products which create
memorable dining experiences for guests for serving upscale restaurants, cruise lines, casinos, hotels, commercial catering and the leisure hospitality industry since 2005.
quality design, high practicality, committed custom service and competitive pricingis is our pursuit.
Meanwhile, in order to facilitate customers to buy our products around the world, many manufacturers and wholesalers established a long-term business relationship with us.
Please contact us via enquiry AT goyumceramic DOT com

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White Porcelain Dinnerware Sets for Restaurant Hotel and Home
Goyum Ceramic Co.,Ltd
Chaozhou City , Guangdong, CHINA
List Price: Upon Request
White Porcelain Square flat plates for restaurant hotel
Goyum Ceramic Co.,Ltd
Chaozhou City , Guangdong, CHINA
List Price: 4.00 US $