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Looking to the Future of Lighting
By: Seth Berman

Finally some more innovative lighting concepts are coming to the home!  As seen in the Mocoloco blog, Modula has created an innovative modern fixture, which breaks ground with its innovative use of LEDs, shapes, colors, and an integrated control system that works with mobile phones!

View the video.

This brings up a much larger topic in lighting design--where and how will LEDs change how we decorate our homes?  Light up wall art has already been developed, where rather than illuminate from a table lamp, people can integrate beautiful lighting directly into their walls.  This not only works for the home, but would have some stunning effects in commercial spaces, especially restaurants.

Personally, I have imagined lamps that don’t have any shades, but are pieces of artwork that directly illuminate from the body.  I would like to hear if anybody else has seen more innovative concepts in lighting that have recently come out and are truly original. 

The Internet Radio Light, by Daria Shashorina, is really innovative and beautiful, and can be adjusted in countless ways.

Or, why not hang your designs above your head?

What I love about the Modula concept is that we no longer need to be stuck to one color in our home!  Why not be able to change the atmosphere to your favorite color that compliments your desired mood?

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