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FOB Asia
By: Seth Berman

The Feb 9th Furniture Today really highlights a trend that has long been available, but not marked so directory.  That trend is really low furniture prices FOB Asia.  Slow economic times calls for drastic marketing strategies, and it seems, lower margins.

There were 4 companies advertising furniture sets for $299.  Bella Esprit is selling a 6 piece bedroom set for $299, Acme Furniture is selling a better looking 5 piece set for $299, U.S. Furniture is selling bonded leather sofa and loveseat sets for $299, and Williams Imports is selling 3 piece sofa sets for $339.

These prices are probably not ground breaking in the industry, but each of these companies has placed large advertisements to attract buyers at this winter’s Las Vegas Market.  Actually, there have not been many adds in Furniture Today or other home furnishing trade magazines, that spell out how cheap companies can buy, direct from Asia.

Direct marketing will probably keep increasing, as sales keep declining, and companies need to stand out among the competition.

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