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Sofa Styles
By: Seth Berman

Slow markets do not mean that designers and furniture manufacturers have not been hard at work.  Recent additions to product lines are now entering retail, and looking good.  Some recent press has been out in a few categories.

"Two-over-two" sofas have long been popular in contemporary designs, but have had an up and down relationship with traditional styles.  It seems they may becoming more popular now, but it is important to note the width of the Sofa.  A two-over-two sofa should probably not be more than 76” wide, according to experts, and definitely not more than 85" wide.  The reason is that the consumer often perceives the "three-over-three" sofa offers slightly more seating and a better value.  This said, the featured sofa images in this article are over 76” wide…

Urban Style has been gaining popularity, slowly but steadily, especially with the younger generations.  This style is modern but not contemporary.  People buying furniture for their homes in America, still need to work with the house they live in and the majority of homes are traditional in design.  Urban style crosses the lines between traditional and contemporary by keeping comfortable features like wood, but adding clean lines.

New Functions are being added to recliners at a rapid rate.  Taking from the success of reclining chairs, new features are finding their way into the sofa market.  Some really interesting concepts: 

Ventilated cushions, which can be adjusted to produce heat or a cool breeze.

Motion activated foot rests, the user can just pass their hand outside the arm panel while seated, to get the footrest to deploy.

Audio Hook Up, that turns your recliner and  entertainment sofas into full surround sound, with bass booming throughout your body, "in your face" excitement.  These come highly recommended by audio enthusiasts!

Adjustable Firmness, adjustable air cushions inside allow a user to adjust the firmness of the cushions and seat backs.

So, be on the watch at the next furniture fair for these trends and more.

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