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Advertising on goodfactories
By: Seth Berman

Advertising on goodfactories is a great way to get your company seen!  Not only do we offer search specific adds, but your images are larger, and you can customize your company or product description.

If you've joined us before we launched, we've probably already credited your account, so lets get started!

Look at image 1, on the right, this shows you where to find the Advertising Module.

Next thing to do, is select the product(s) you wish to advertise.  This is very simple, you just click on the item, and you'll be taken to the screen in image 2.

This page is specific details on which pages you would like your product advertisements.  We suggest only selecting a product category, that you think people browsing would find interesting.  We don't suggest leaving this blank.  This will advertise your products in all the pages.  And really, how many people looking for a lighting fixture are going to order a basket?  So, keep your product adds focused to the correct category(s).  Also, you should note, initially we do not recommend selecting a location.  This will make so that your advertisements will only show up, if the user has specified a country, but most of our searches are conduced through the navigation menu, which does not specify the location.

See how your advertisements will look in the search results.  (Image 3)

To stop advertisements for a product, you can select "cancel", or you can "edit" the existing add.  (Image 4)

Image 5, advertise your business.  Get buyers attention when they are searching by manufacturer.  This works the same way as the product advertisements, your business will show up in the 1st few pages of searches.  Make sure your image is enticing and adjust your company description for the add, to impress!

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