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GoodFactories is an online sourcing community for home furnishings and home decor.

We are here to: streamline sourcing, improve products and quality, and help workers and the environment.
Currently, we are focused on Asian suppliers, but encourage members are from around the world.
I hope to say we all are! GoodFactories is more of a process towards improvement, than a statement “I am good.” Being good, means you are constantly looking to improve. Our community provides information that is often hard to come by and extremely useful.

If you are looking for the founder, it would be stated as being a concept developed by Seth in 2007, with an evolution of support from Kevin, Matt, and Lucas.
Current sourcing websites are very clumsy. There is too much information, which is often not accurate.

There are over 5,000 furniture exporters registered in the Guangdong Province in China, alone. Do you know where to start?

We empower you to make better sourcing decisions using 2 approaches.

#1. Categorizing.
#2. Critiquing. 3 levels, self reviews, peer reviews, and expert reviews.

Not only are we providing better quality information, but we will be providing MORE information.
We are proactively seeking out the top manufactures and entering their contact details onto our website. Many of the best suppliers are not even listed on the other search pages, our office hunts down the best, and brings them strait to you...
We focus on Home Furnishings and Decor.

This means that people coming to our site are looking for YOU.

We want to help you.

GoodFactories provides information on the latest trends in fashion. Read articles and finddesigners in our newsletters and on our website.

Do you really know what green manufacturing means?

Have you considered the Human element in owning and running a factory? Training goes a long way towards improving quality, employee retention, and helping improve your employee’s lives.

Critique: You may be afraid of critique, but GoodFactories supports it. Your buyers leaving feedback, good or bad, will help you improve your company. We know you may be great, but not perfect. If your committed to improving, you can leave your own comments on a critique that will encourage buyers to visit you. If you feel wrongly abused in a review, you can contact us, and we will dig into the story for you.
We have several email addresses to ensure that your message gets to the right people who can help you!

* general questions and account assistance
* questions about what can be shown on GoodFactories
* report concerns about site misuse and get help with disputes
* questions about your bill, fees and refunds
* submit your ideas for Etsy and report community concerns
* send us your opinions or inquiries on how to source green
* send us your sightings of GoodFactories in the press
* press and media inquiries
Snail Mail:

313 High Meadow Dr
Dillon, CO 80435
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